Manufacturer: manufacturer Oxiris Chemicals S.A.

Oxiris produces a wide range of non-staining phenolic antioxidants which are marketed under the globally porotected brand IONOL®. Our range of primary antioxidants are produced in Spain and distributed via Oxiris' global sales network offering excellence in local logistics and technical service. IONOL® antioxidants are used in the manufacture and processing of products in a wide variety of industries including plastics and rubber, lubricants and fuels, human and animal nutrition, fragrances and personal care as well as printing inks.
The addition of either IONOL® CP or IONAL® CPC helps maintain overnight stability, reduce run-resistance and improve gloss and hard drying properties in most general-purpose printing inks. IONOL® CP or IONAL® CPC in lithographic inks also prevents skin formation and even promotes drying.
IONOL® antioxidants help improve gloss and drying properies in a wide range of coating applications.
Application : Paint, Rubber, Cosmetics, Food, Feed, Leather, Ink, Paint, Lubricants, Biofuels, Fuels.


Manufacturer: manufacturer Taichang Chemical Co., Ltd.

Dyestruff Taichang specializes in the manufacture of synthetic dyes. Since its establishment in 1976, Taichang has successfully developed independent technologies in the fields of leather, fur and paper dyes and has been the driving force behind the fur dyes industry's expansion into domestic markets.

Direct Dyes

Acid Dyes

Dyes for ink

Dyes for DTP

Paper Dyes

Leather Dyes

Solvent Dyes

Fur Dyes

Aniline Black (Pigment Black 1)

IR Coating

Manufacturer: manufacturer Time Rich Corp.

IR Coating Our product is low viscosity high concentration Metal doped Wox sol.
Our product is high transparency and very prominent IR shielding efficiency. Coating method : micro gravure coating.
Application : IR shielding of PET film or glass, window film.


INK - Mirror effect ink (Front, Back print)
- 3D effect ink
- Half mirror effect ink
- Hologram effect ink

Additive agent

Additive agent
  • - Acid catalyst
  • - Anti-Sagging agents
  • - Anti-Settling agents
  • - Levelling agents
  • - Wetting & Dispersing agents
  • - De-Forming agents
  • - Metallick orientation additives
  • - Slip agents
  • - etc.

Silicon Carbide Whisker

Manufacturer: manufacturer Advanced Composite Materials, LLC

Silicon Carbide Whisker Advanced Composite Materials LLC, also known as ACM established in 1976 as a joint ventrue in South Carolina, US offers state-of-art reinforcing and advanced protect on to the polymeric coatings from reperated harsh wear and high temperatures. SIC is long, rigid rod of beta-silicone carbide single crystal. This Diamond like polytype structure gives some unique properties including extremely high hardness and modulus, and excellent for distribution. As it is inert and very stable, it can be applied to almoes anywhere coating or ceramic need highter wear, heat, damage resistance.
Application : Protective coating (Industrial & food contact), Ceramic cutting tool, Technical ceramics, Ceramic and metal matrix composites, 3D printing, biotechnology

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