Aluminium paste

Manufacturer: manufacturer Toyo Aluminium K.K

Aluminium paste The main ingredients of our aluminium pastes are high purity aluminium powders and folis and the particle sizes are uniform. Furthermore, they are evenly coated with fatty acids, which gives them superior resistance to moisture and to the weather and excellent design characteristics. They are lightweight, safe to handle and also economical. With the registered trademark "Alpaste®," they are popular as metallic coatings for automobiles and as ink for printing. We have also developed products for environmentally friendly water-based processing and products that have superior chromogenic and functional characteristics. Our high quality and high added value products are rated highly and trusted by their users.
Application : Paint for Automotive(OEM,Refinish), House electrical, Digital appliances, PCM, Comstruction, Heavy-duty anticorrostion and Printing ink.

Nano dispersion pigment

Manufacturer: manufacturer Nikko Bics Co.,Ltd

Nano dispersion pigment NSP series are ultimate high transparent prepared pigments. NSP series can express high transparent candy color, high class designed metallic color, by combination with luster pigments. You can get high quality metallic color with NSP series. You can choose 3 types of base resin depends upon application : Vinyl chloride/Vinyl acetate Copolymer, CAB, Water bone Acrylic resin.
Application : Paint for House electrical, Mobile phone, Printing ink.

Glass Flake

Manufacturer: manufacturer Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.

Glass Flake METASHINE® is a highly glittering pigment with excellent surface smoothness, produced with metal or metal oxide coating on GLASFLAKE. Coatings with METASHINE® added to paint or resins produce clear and elegant color tones and a unique metallic luster. It is widely used in a variety of applications in producing motorbikes, electric appliances, cellular phones, inks, and cosmetics.
Application : Paint (automotive, plastics, pcm, etc.), inks, m/b, cosmetics, etc.

Fluorescent pigment

Manufacturer: manufacturer Radiant Color NV

Fluorescent pigment Radiant Color is one of the world’s principal suppliers of high performance fluorescent pigments and dyes. The most important feature of fluorescent colors is that they are much brighter and are noticed much faster than normal colors, which makes them especially applicable for publicity and advertising as well as for safety clothing and warning signals. Fluorescent colors also enlarge the available color space and create, in the pure form or in combination with other colors, new and brighter shade possibilities. Children are definitely attracted to bright colors which explains the success of fluorescent toys. Radiant Color offers an extensive 'easy in use' product portfolio. The major applications are in coatings, cosmetics, plastics, textile and printing inks. Our R & D department is focused on the development of greener and safer products, which create real added value for our customers. Recently we developed a new fluorescent pigment range for plastic applications in direct food contact.
Application : Paints, paper, textiles, inks, plastics, cosmetics, specialties, etc.

Pearl pigment

Manufacturer: manufacturer Nihon Koken Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Pearl pigment Founded in 1955 Nihon koken kogyo is the world's leading manufacturer of synthesis mica. From japan and worldwide users be acclaimed products.
Application Coating
Pearlescent pigments disperse easily and are physically stable. If the appropriate amounts are mixed with different kinds of clear paint, pearl paint with great color effects can be produced.
【Rate of addition】 Automotive paints : 3~10%, Plastic paints : 3~10%
Application printing ink
Pearl pigments can be used for printing inks, just like general pigments. If the appropriate amounts of pearl pigments are mixed with ink media, brightly-colored pearl inks can be produced.
【Rate of addition】 Screen inks : 5~20%m Gravure inks : 5~10%
Application : Paint (automotive, plastics, pcm, etc.), printing ink, cosmetics, plastics, leather, paper, etc.

Pearl pigment

Manufacturer: manufacturer C.Q.V. Co., Ltd.

Pearl pigment Founded in 2000 CQV manufacture a variety of natural-based mica, synthesis mica etc.
  • - Synthetic mica pearl
  • - Glass flake pearl
  • - Natural mica pearl
  • - Optical variation pearl
  • - Alumina base pearl
Application : Paint (automotive, plastics, pcm, etc.), printing ink, cosmetics, plastics, leather, paper, etc.

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