Interference color aluminium
pigment "Cosmicolor®"

Manufacturer: manufacturer Toyo aluminium k.k.

Interference color aluminium pigment 'Cosmicolor®' Beautiful vivid color travel
This is a completely new type of metallic pigment that has aluminium flakes as the base material. The surface of the flakes is covered with a silica layer and then they are plated with metal particles.
IONOL® antioxidants are used in the manufacture and processing of products. The difference in optical paths between the light reflected from the plated layer and the light reflected from the aluminium flakes causes strong interference colors. Cosmicolor®has a silica coat applied as a final protective layer and as aluminium flakes are used as the base material, it has superior hiding power to that of other interference pigments.
"Cosmicolor™" is an aluminium pigment for cosmetics that is composed solely of ingredients suitable for cosmetics. The silver color and interference colors help to draw out the elegant individuality of the women users. Cosmicolor can be used for nail varnish and eye shadow. It can also be used for the coating on cosmetics containers.
Application : Nail varnish, Eye shadow, Cosmetics containers, etc.

Hyaluronic Acid

Manufacturer: manufacturer RedoxBio Co., Ltd.

Hyaluronic Acid
  • 2010.08 : Company established
  • 2011.12 : Venture company certified
  • 2013.08 : Became subsidiary of Daehwa Pharmaceutical Company (KOSDAQ enlisted)
  • 2014.11 : Hyaluronic Acid Manufacturing Plant Completion
  • 2015.05 : EU-GMP Certified
  • 2016.06 : K-GMP Certified, (CTD:DMF for API)
  • EINECS : 232-678-0
  • CAS NO. : 9004-61-9
  • Synonyms : Sodium Hyaluronate, Hyaluronan Ophthalmic grade, Medical device grade, Cosmetic grade
  • OEM Filler development (Crosslinked & Non-Crosslinked HA)
  • Cosmetic HA with Glutathione, Vitamin, Peptides, Growth Factors and PDRN from Alaskan Salmon.

Pearl pigment

Manufacturer: manufacturer Nihon Koken Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Pearl pigment Founded in 1955 Nihon koken kogyo is the world's leading manufacturer of synthesis mica. From Japan and worldwide users be acclaimed products. Pearlescent pigments are widely used in point makeup cosmetics. They help to accent the eyes, lips, and chest areas, to add vibrancy and richness to makeup.
"TWINCLEPEARL" which utilizes a base material of synthetic mica, possesses both high gloss and high chroma qualities.
"FANTASPEARL" which utilizes a base material of natural mica, offers superior cost-performance, while maintaining quality. Pearly textures are not the only features that are in demand with cosmetic ingredients. The "SILSEEM" series are functional extenders which utilize our company's core "metallic oxide coating" technology. These products help to bestow features such as skin color correcting, glossy and matte textures to cosmetics.
Application : paint (automotive, plastics, pcm, etc.), printing ink, cosmetics, plastics, leather, paper, etc.

Wide Spectrum UV Filter

Wide Spectrum UV Filter High SPF Sun care product, BEMT-S is conventional used for its functional UVA protection.
BEMT-S works as UV filter and photo-stabilizer in the oil phase formulation. It functions very efficiently at low concentration without preservatives which can be easily processed cold. Its remarkable long-lasting UVA protection offers distinctive sun care performance.
Application : Face care cosmetics, Sun protection.

Film former

Film former Film former is formulated often in personal care products. For film forming effect, various materials from natural or synthetic also are used for industrial use.
PERISOL is Acrylates Copolymer developed by only for personal care.
PERISOL is produced under LFF(Latex Film Formation)process.
PERISOL is water soluble copolymer easily applicable, it leads to develop more effective and stable products.
Application : Mascara, eyeliner, skin care.

Water-based nail polish and emulsion

Water-based nail polish and emulsion Issues on harmful ingredients contained in the raw materials of conventional Oil-based Polish products raised constantly by the civil environmental organizations. . Regulations on the use of harmful raw materials such as Toluene, D.B.P , Formaldehyde & etc. reinforced by the FDA and concerned health authorities, either prohibiting the use or mixing limit of such materials in cosmetic products.

  • - Hold VOC discharge. / - Clean harmfulness to human body issue up. / - Eliminate foul odor.
  • - Remove hazard of handling raw materials. / - Eliminate risk of explosion & fire during production.
  • * Marketability
  • - Creating huge demand feasible by replacing the existing oil-based polish product market.
  • - Market expandable w/2nd tier customer base of sensitive body constitution & oil based polish sick users.
  • - Creating additional market w/Muslim countries averting the use of solvent.
  • - Saving freight cost w/absolutely no risk of potential fire hazard.



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