Manufacturer: manufacturer Oxiris Chemicals S.A.

Oxiris produces a wide range of non-staining phenolic antioxidants which are marketed under the globally protected brand IONOL®. Our range of primary antioxidants are produced in Spain and distributed via Oxiris’ global sales network offering excellence in local logistics and technical service. IONOL® antioxidants are used in the manufacture and processing of products in a wide variety of industries including plastics and rubber, lubricants and fuels, human and animal nutrition, fragrances and personal care as well as printing inks. Oxidation is an important limiting factor in all thermoplastics and thermosetting resins. Its effects include adverse colour change, loss of flexibility, loss of tensile strength and elongation, reduced impact resistance, cracking and other surface deterioration. Oxidation can also affect the molecular weight of a polymer, which in turn affects its other properties.
Application : plastics, rubber, cosmetics, food, feed, leather, ink, paint, lubricants, biofuels, fuels.

Engineering plastics

Manufacturer: manufacturer Sunwoo Polymer Co., Ltd.

Engineering plastics Sunwoo Polymer Co., Ltd has developed and manufactured Nylon66, 6, PBT, PC, PP, PET and special Alloy base on the basis of all of the product compound products according to customers' needs in a way Taylor-Made.
Application : Automobile, IT Equipments, Home interior, Industrial materials.

Silicon Carbide Whisker

Manufacturer: manufacturer Advanced Composite Materials, LLC

Silicon Carbide Whisker Advanced Composite Materials LLC, also known as ACM established in 1976 as a joint venture in South Carolina, US offers state-of-art reinforcing and advanced protection to the polymeric coatings from repeated harsh wear and high temperatures. SIC is long, rigid rod of beta-silicone carbide single crystal. This Diamond like polytype structure gives some unique properties including extremely high hardness and modulus, and excellent for distribution.
As it is inert and very stable, it can be applied to almost anywhere coating or ceramic need higher wear, heat, damage resistance.
Application : Protective coating (Industrial & food contact), Ceramic cutting tool, Technical ceramics, Ceramic and metal matrix composites, 3D printing, Biotechnology.

Aluminium paste

Manufacturer: manufacturer Toyo aluminium k.k.

Aluminium paste We offer Metallic compounds (aluminium pigment masterbatches) as coloring materials that can directly provide a metallic feeling to resins for films and injection molding resins used in components and containers. The advantages of materials coloring include that there is no need for solvent or coating and that the costs are low, and these are environmentally friendly products. Flow lines called weld lines are a problem with injection molding, but we can respond to consultation about the selection of the aluminium pigment and the design of the mold.
Application : paint (automotive, plastics, pcm, etc.), printing ink, cosmetics, resins and film, etc.

Pearl pigment

Manufacturer: manufacturer Nihon Koken Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Pearl pigment Founded in 1955 Nihon koken kogyo is the world's leading manufacturer of synthesis mica. From Japan and worldwide users be acclaimed products.
If an appropriate amount of pearlescent pigment is mixed with different types of plastic, it can produce plastic moldings with a beautiful pearl effect, using the coloring, master batch, or dry blending methods.

Application : paint (automotive, plastics, pcm, etc.), printing ink, cosmetics, plastics, leather, paper, etc.

Pearl pigment

Manufacturer: manufacturer C.Q.V. Co., Ltd.

Hologram sheet Founded in 2000 CQV manufacture a variety of natural-based mica, synthesis mica etc.
  • - Synthetic mica pearl
  • - Glass flake pearl
  • - Natural mica pearl
  • - Optical variation pearl
  • - Alumina base pearl
Application : paint (automotive, plastics, pcm, etc.), printing ink, cosmetics, plastics, leather, paper, etc.

Fluorescent pigment

Manufacturer: manufacturer Radiant Color NV

Fluorescent pigment Radiant Color is one of the world’s principal suppliers of high performance fluorescent pigments and dyes. The most important feature of fluorescent colors is that they are much brighter and are noticed much faster than normal colors, which makes them especially applicable for publicity and advertising as well as for safety clothing and warning signals. Fluorescent colors also enlarge the available color space and create, in the pure form or in combination with other colors, new and brighter shade possibilities. Children are definitely attracted to bright colors which explains the success of fluorescent toys. Radiant Color offers an extensive 'easy in use' product portfolio. The major applications are in coatings, cosmetics, plastics, textile and printing inks. Our R & D department is focused on the development of greener and safer products, which create real added value for our customers. Recently we developed a new fluorescent pigment range for plastic applications in direct food contact.
Application : paints, paper, textiles, inks, plastics, cosmetics, specialties, etc.

Glass Flake

Manufacturer: manufacturer Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.

Glass Flake METASHINE ® is a highly glittering pigment with excellent surface smoothness, produced with metal or metal oxide coating on GLASFLAKE . Coatings with METASHINE ® added to paint or resins produce clear and elegant color tones and a unique metallic luster. It is widely used in a variety of applications in producing motorbikes, electric appliances, cellular phones, inks, and cosmetics.
Application : paints(automotive, plastics, pcm, etc.), inks, m/b, cosmetics, etc.

Bio Polymer

  • - Bio-based polmer
  • - Biomass
  • - Biodegradable plastic
  • - Eco-friendly polymer
Application : mold & injection, film, sheet, etc.

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